Online hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy can be provided in person or online. Both of the approaches are successful and effective. If you are planning to have a treatment online please read what you need to have for your treatment.

We offer a 30 min consultation with a hypnotherapist at no charge.
Detailed explanation of your goal, current physical and mental conditions allows for a better understanding of your treatment needs. This is where the road to a healthier life starts.

We provide online hypnotherapy through Skype. You can download the program here.
Once you have downloaded and installed the program please add us as a contact on Skype: DiscoverHypnosis Book an appointment by phone or email and process the payment.

You will need

1. Stable internet connection
2. Quiet room where you will not be disturbed for an hour
3. Couch or a comfortable chair that will support your neck and head and preferably footrest stool
4. Blanket
5. Web camera, so our hypnotherapist can observe your reactions
6. Speakers and microphone. We strongly recommend you to use a headset with a microphone.

Before your appointment

1. Make sure the time zone is discussed. We are located in Pacific Time Zone (UTF-8)
2. Verify that your appointment had been confirmed.
3. Verify that your payment had been accepted.
4. Make sure that nothing or no one will disturb you during the session. This includes phones, TV, pets, people around and etc. (Don't worry about sounds from outside or minor noises, that's ok).
5. Please put your Skype to "Not Disturb" status.
6. Close any other interactive communication programs like messenger, google talk, chats, etc.
7. Your device is fully charged or connected to the power.

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