Hypnotherapy for individuals

The benefits of hypnotherapy

• It is natural - it uses human mind abilities
• It is curing not only the symptoms but the root cause of the issue
• It gives permanent results
• It is a pleasant treatment with zero pain or traumas
• It reduces stress
• It teaches your mind how to achieve very calm and relaxing state
• It teaches you self-hypnosis techniques that you can use to resolve the issues on your own.

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Hypnotherapy For Adults

Everyone can benefit from hypnosis at any age. It is very important to understand that all hypnosis is based on self-hypnosis. Hypnotherapist is only a facilitator of the session that leads the client to the subconscious state.

Willingness to achieve goals and desire to allow to hypnosis to take place highly increase the success of the therapy.

Client and a Hypnotherapist must work as a team - each committing to contribute 100% towards the achievement of client's goals. We offer a 30 min consultation with a hypnotherapist at no charge.

Detailed explanation of your goal, current physical and mental conditions allows for a better understanding of your treatment needs. This is where the road to a healthier life starts.

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See the list of some of the issues that can be resolved with the help of hypnotherapy and learn how here

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Hypnotherapy for Children

It is amazing how children react to hypnotherapy. They embrace the treatment absolutely naturally and often say that they knew how to make it work. Actually, we hypnotize our children all the time, the only difference that we do not call it hypnosis and most of us do not have skills and knowledge how does hypnosis work.

In our practice we mostly work with children from 4-5 years old, however, it is possible to provide help to a child even earlier. In most of the cases for children younger than 4 we suggest story-therapy that can be done by the parents. You can find some examples of story therapy on the Story Therapy page

We offer a 30 min consultation for parents with a hypnotherapist at no charge. Detailed explanation of the issue that your child experiences, allows us for a better understanding of the treatment he or she needs.

Common children issues are:
• Bed wetting
• Thumb sucking
• Ticks
• Low confidence
• Hyperactivity
• Lack of focus
• Exam anxiety
• Anger
• Parent loss
• Parents divorce
• Being adopted
• Stuttering
• Teenagers stress
• Fears
• Nightmares
• Life threatening/chronicle disease
• Disabilities

If don't see the issue that you are interested to resolve please call or email us for a consultation, we will be glad to answer your questions. There is no need for suffering; you can help your child already today.

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