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Hypnotherapy for pregnancy and birth

During the pregnancy hypnosis can be used to eliminate stress, to connect with the baby, to get rid of any discomfort or just to create deep sleep and feel energized.

Though during the pregnancy your baby is in the female body, in hypnotic state, dads can experience the connection to the baby much stronger.

Hypnosis is extremely useful during the birth. It does not mean that the birth must be all natural without any medical help. It is up to the couple to decide either they want to use it or not. Hypnosis provides the parents with skills how to experience calm and peaceful labor.

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Our "Be pregnant" hypnotherapy program can be used alone or prior to or in conjunction with IVF treatment. This program will provide you with tools and knowledge to create optimal state for successive conception.
Many researches proved the direct connection between mental state and fertility.
Here are some of them:

It had been found that hypnosis can double the success rate of IVF.
Presented by Professor Eliahu Levitas to the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology Conference in 2004.

Dr. Ernest L. Rossi, in his book The Psychobiology of Gene Expressions, suggests that hypnotic-type suggestions can activate specific genes involved with fertility and conception.

It had been indicated that "infertile" women participating in mind/body therapy experienced a 42% - 55% conception rate as compared to a 20% rate in the control group who used no mind/body techniques.
(The Journal of the American Medical Women's Association and Fertility and Sterility)

It had been found that men who actively want to be fathers automatically adjust their testosterone levels at exactly the right time - the middle of their partners' menstrual cycles!
(Institute of Applied Psychology in Lisbon Portugal, Katharina Hirschenhauser)
Perhaps there is no better hypnotic suggestion for a male partner than the idea that he wants to become a father.

As any other treatment our "Be pregnant" program is personalized according to the couple’s needs in order to provide you with the highest possibility to conceive.
We encourage both partners to participate in the program as both of you are involved in the process of having a baby.

Our program includes the following modules:

• Stress relief

During fertility treatments, many couples experience stress, fear and frustration. Elimination of those strong negative emotions is the first step that increases possibility to conceive.

• Discovery and removing limiting beliefs that impact your fertility

Together we will discover if there any limiting beliefs that impact your fertility. Often, those beliefs are not recognized, but once found they can be removed.
In some cases those beliefs are the only reason of temporary infertility.

• Self-hypnosis

To be able to hypnotize yourself whenever is needed will help you in any aspect of your life. Applying self-hypnosis will allow you to resolve most of the issues on your own.

• Guiding your partner

Sometimes, when your partner is not able to use self-hypnosis for some reason your help is required. You will be able to help your partner to reach hypnotic state in order to eliminate pain or stress or to feel empowered and happy.

• Detoxification

Both, you and your partner will go through mental and physical detoxification hypno-treatment that will release all the body impurity and mind negativity. At the end, the female body is going to be ready to become an amazing temple for a little baby.

• Talking to your genes or body

If you know what is the physical reason for your infertility in this treatment we will help you to create a communication with a particular part of your body or your genes. If there is no particular physical reason for your infertility we will guide you to the creation of a communication with your whole body.
Through this communication you will be able to align your goal to have a baby with your body.

• Seeing yourself as a parent

To achieve or create anything in life we need to envision it. Seeing yourself or your wife pregnant and feeling yourself as a parent is an important step that will set a goal in your subconscious mind. Once the goal is clear, your subconscious will create a program that will fulfill your dream.

We wish you resolve any issue that is on your way, either with hypnotherapy or without. Believe in yourself and your abilities and may your wish come true!

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Panic attack, anxiety, fear and phobia

In most of the cases panic attacks, anxiety, fears and phobias are related to a past experience where this reaction had been formed.
These reactions might be triggered by different things like smells, sounds, similar situation or a simple stress. Often, a person understands that logically he should not react in that way, but he doesn’t succeed to change it. The reason for that is engraved pattern, like a program that is coded in the mind.

Once you find the root cause of this problem – the situation where it had been formed, you are already able to change your perception.
Length of the treatment depends on the depth and complication of the issue. Usually the issues of that matter are resolved in between 1 to 3 sessions.

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Depression, seasonal disorder, apathy and fatigue

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Weight management, eating disorders

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Addictions and bad habits

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Chronic pain

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Blood pressure and other diagnosed conditions

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Parenting challenges

• Going through adoption process
• Being a parent

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Loss, grief and drastic changes

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Relationship issues, separation and divorce

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Self-confidence, self-acceptance

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Relaxation and positive thinking

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High performance, unlimited creativity, motivation and dreams fulfillment

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