• Hypnotherapist controls your mind when you're hypnotized

    This is absolutely incorrect!

    Hypnotherapist does not control your mind. You are the only one who controls it. If a hypnotherapist gives you any suggestion that is not aligned with your personal values, your mind rejects it and you come out of the hypnotic state right away.

    In the hypnotic state you are in full control and you are aware of everything that is happening in the room. So, there is no zombie state that you have seen in the movies.

  • Hypnotherapist has psychic abilities and special powers

    Hypnotherapist does not have any special powers or psychic abilities. There is no mystery or woo-do magic in hypnosis. Everyone can study to become a hypnotherapist.

    With development of MRI hypnosis had been researched and proved by many scientists. You can read how hypnosis works on our Hypnosis page.

    Hypnotherapy is as logical as a computer science and the only difference between reprogramming a computer and hypnotherapy treatment is that the hypnotherapist works with people and not with computers.

  • Hypnotherapist swings a watch to hypnotize a client

    This is just one of the old techniques that can be used to guide a client to the hypnotic state. However, our day's hypnotherapists rarely do this.

    Our hypnotherapists use that type of induction that is the most beneficial for a client.

  • People who are easy to hypnotize are weak minded

    This is one of the biggest myths, especially in Eastern Europe. This is not true. In fact it is quite the opposite. People that allow them selves to go into hypnosis easier and deeper than others have more mastery in this subject. Their mind is more flexible and they usually have great imagination and high ability to concentrate.

    The more you experience hypnosis in any form the more flexible your mind becomes and you reach deep hypnosis state faster.

    It is like working with the clay – at the beginning it is hard and you have to put some effort to change its shape, but more you work with it the softer it becomes and at some point you are able to sculpt from it a masterpiece.

  • You can be made to reveal your deepest secrets when in a hypnotic trance

    If it would be so, the witnesses in the court probably would have to be hypnotized.

    During hypnotherapy session you are fully aware of what is happening and you are in control, so if there is something that you don't want to share you just simple don't..

  • Some people can not be hypnotized

    Everyone can be hypnotized but the degree of deepness of the state and time required to enter the hypnotic state might be different. There are many parameters that affect hypnotic state: person's motivation, willingness to co-operate and ability to concentrate – are required from the client.

    Environment, the right patter, personalized approach and many others are set by a hypnotherapist.

    Hypnotherapy is a team work where both, a client and a hypnotherapist, are committing to contribute 100% towards the successful achievement of a clients goal.

  • You can get stuck in it unable to wake up

    No one ever gets "stuck" in hypnosis. Hypnotic state is natural and normal state that we all reach from time to time. Even if a hypnotherapist unable to give you a suggestion to become alert (let's assume something happened) the worst that might happen in this case you might fall asleep to 10-15 min and wake up naturally.

  • You're asleep or unconscious when in hypnosis

    Wrong! You're not asleep and you're not unconscious, you're fully aware of what's happening around you.

    Of course everyone's experience is slightly different, some people feel light, some people feel heavy, but almost everyone feels extremely relaxed.

    Generally, when people are in a deep state of hypnosis, they feel as if their body has gone to sleep but the mind is still alert, awake, and aware. If you do fall into a natural sleep then don't worry.

    I've always maintained my belief that if people feel they're drifting off to sleep when listening to a self hypnosis session, then it's fine, it'll still do its work.

  • Church is against hypnosis

    It might be that a particular church or a pastor are against the hypnosis. However, even Roman Catholic Church Pope Pius XII gave the approval of hypnosis in 1956.

    In addition to that, the state that people experience during the pray or a collective mass is a hypnotic state.

  • Hypnosis is dangerous to practice on your own

    Hypnosis is not dangerous to practice on your own.

    Everybody uses self-hypnosis to some degree without even knowing it, which is much more dangerous as you are not aware what beliefs are you installing.

    It might be a bit difficult to practice it on your own at the beginning. However, as with anything else practice leads to perfection.

    You can read how to practice hypnosis on your own on our self-hypnosis page.